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Publications 2011, Prof. Hans Hofsäss


Electric fie3ld gradient of 111In/111Cd atoms at A-lattice sites in 211-MAX phases

D. Jürgens, C. Brüsewitz, H.-G. Gehkre, H. Hofsäss, M. Nagl, M. Uhrmacher, U. Vetter, J. Mestnik-Filho, M.W. Barsoum, J Phys. C: cond. mat. 23 (2011) 505501

Tuning the conductivity of vanadium dioxide on silicon by swift heavy ion irradiation

H. Hofsäss, P. Ehrhardt, H.-G. Gehrke, M. Brötzman, U.Vetter, K.Zhang, J. Krauser, C.Trautmann, C. Ko, S. Ramanathan, AIP Advances 1 (2011) 032168

Conductive ion tracks in tetrahedral amorphous carbon by 30 MeV C60 irradiation

J. Krauser, A.-K. Nix, H.-G. Gehrke, H. Hofsäss, C. Trautmann, A. Weidinger, New Journal of Physics 13 (2011) 083023

Thickness dependence of the magnetic properties of ripple-patterned Fe/MgO(001) films

F. Büttner, K. Zhang, H. Hofsäss, S. Seyffarth, T. Liese, H.-U. Krebs, C. Vaz, Phys. Rev. B 84 (2011) 064427

Spectroscopic analysis of Eu3+ in single-crystal hexagonal phase AlN 

J. B. Gruber, U. Vetter, T. Taniguchi, G. W. Burdick, H. Hofsäss, S. Chandra, and D. K. Sardar, J. Appl Phys. (2011) accepted

First results of ab initio simulations of scintillation detector characteristics

A. Krille, M. Nagl, U. Vetter, H. Hofsäss and R. Krause-Rehberg, J. Phys.: Conference Series 262 (2011) 012033

Surfactant driven self-organized surface patterns by ion beam erosion

K. Zhang, M. Brötzmann, H. Hofsäss, New. Journal of Physics 13 (2011) 013033

Effective redution of AlN defect luminescence by ion implantation of light elements

Ulrich Vetter, Sven Müller, Marc Brötzmann, and Hans Hofsäss, Diam. Relat. Mater. 20 (2011) 782

 Xenon-ion-induced and thermal mixing of Co/Si bilayers and their interplay

M. Novakovic, K. Zhang, M. Popovic, N. Bibic, H. Hofsäss, K.P. Lieb, Nucl. Instr. Meth B 269 (2011) 881

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