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Publications 2012

 Conductivity enhancement of ion tracks in tetrahedral amorphous carbon by doping

J. Krauser, A.-K. Nix, H.-G. Gehrke, H. Hofsäss, C. Trautmann, A. Weidinger, Nucl. Instr. Meth B 272 (2012) 280

3D microstructuring in p-GaAs with proton beam writing using multiple ion fluences

M.Schulte-Borchers, U. Vetter, T. Koppe and H. Hofsäss, J. Micromech. Microeng. 22 (2012) 025011

Sharp transition from ripple patterns to a flat surface for ion beam erosion of Si with simultaneous co-deposition of iro

Kun Zhang, Marc Brötzmann, Hans Hofsäss, AIP Advances 2, 032123 (2012)

Analysis of the spectra of trivalent erbium in multiple sites of hexagonal aluminum nitride

John B. Gruber, Ulrich Vetter, Gary W. Burdick, Zackery D. Fleischman, Larry D. Merkle, Takashi Taniguchi, Yuan Xiaoli, Takashi Sekiguchi, Daniel Jürgens, and Hans Hofsäss, Optical Materials Express 2 (2012) 1186

Crystal field and Zeeman splittings for energy levels of Nd3+ in hexagonal AlN

John B. Gruber, Gary W. Burdick, Ulrich Vetter, Brian Mitchell, Volkmar Dierolf, Hans Hofsäss, Optical Materials Express 2 (2012) 1176


Ion beam induced surface patterns due to mass redistribution and curvature dependent sputtering

Omar Bobes, Kun Zhang and Hans Hofsäss, 2012, Phys. Rev B 86 (2012) 235414


Nano-hillock formation in diamond-like carbon induced by swift heavy projectiles in the electronic stopping regime: experiments and atomistic simulations

D. Schwen,E. Bringa, J. Krauser, A. Weidinger, C. Trautmann,and H. Hofsäss,  Appl. Phys. Lett. 101 (2012) 113115


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