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Publications 2000, Prof. Hans Hofsäss

  1. Growth, doping and applications of c-BN thin films
    C. Ronning, H. Feldermann, H. Hofsäss, Diam.
    Relat. Mater. 9 (2000) 1767-1773
  2. Hydrogen-plasma etching of ion beam deposited c-BN films: an in-situ invesitgation of the surface with electron spectroscopy
    P. Reinke, P. Oelhafen, H. Feldermann, C. Ronning, and H. Hofsäss, J. Appl.
    Phys. 88 (2000) 5597
  3. Ripple topography of ion-beam-eroded graphite: A key to ion-beam-induced damage tracks
    S. Habenicht, W. Bolse, H. Feldermann, U. Geyer, H. Hofsäss, K.P. Lieb, and F. Roccaforte, Europhys.
    Lett. 50 (2000) 209-215
  4. Characterization of Superhard Materials and Thin Films by Surface Brillouin Scattering
    X. Zhang, M.H. Manghnani, P. Zinin, H. Feldermann, C. Ronning, H. Hofsäss, I.A. Trojan, A.G. Lyapin, V.V. Brazhkin, W. Rafaniello, Proc. Int. Conf. Science and Technology of high Pressure AIRAPT-17,, M.H. Manghnani, W.J. Nellis, M.F. Nicol (eds.), Science and Technology of High Pressure 2 (2000) 941-944
  5. Properties of Ion Beam Deposited Tetrahedral Fluorinated Amorphous Carbon Films (ta-C:F)
    C. Ronning, R. Merk, H. Feldermann, F. Harbsmeier, H. Hofsäss, in "Amorphous Carbon and Nanostrucutred Carbon", T. Allen, B.F. Coll, J. Robertson, J.P. Sullivan (eds.), MRS Symp. Proc. Vol. 593 (2000)
  6. Photoluminescence characterization of Mg implanted GaN
    C. Ronning, H. Hofsäss, A. Stötzler, M. Deicher, E.P. Carlson, P.J. Hartlieb, T. Gehrke, P. Rajagopal, R.F. Davis, MRS Internet J. Nitride Semicond. Res. 5S1, W11.44 (2000).
  7. Ion implanted impurities in GaN and AlN: lattice sites, annealing behavior and defect recovery
    C. Ronning, M. Dalmer, M. Uhrmacher, M. Restle, U. Vetter, L. Ziegeler, H. Hofsäss, T. Gehrke, K. Järrendahl, R.F. Davis, J. Appl.
    Phys. 87 (2000) 2149

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