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On the following pages you will find an overview of the experimental setups run by our group. They are partially installed at our accelerators. For further information about the setups and possible collaborations please contact the person responsible.

Ultra-Low-Energy (20 eV) Ion Implantation Doping of Graphene


We can implant graphene sheets on various substrates as well as graphene on TEM grids with mass selected ultra low energy mass selected ions under UHV conditions (P < 10-6 Pa)

Ion energy:down to 20 eV rather uniform over an area of about 2 cm2

Beam current: several µA

Typical Ion Fluences: 1E14 - 1E15 /cm2

Efficiency : about 1% of the ions are incorporated and, for B and N,  occupy substitutional sites, i.e. replace C-atoms

Available ions: H, B, C, N, O, F, P, S, Se, metal ions up to W, noble gases, Ga, rare earth ions


Proton Beam Writing of 3D microstructures in Semiconductors


Ion irradiation of surfaces ans ion induced pattern formation


- Pattern formation by sputter erosion of surfaces

- surfactant sputtering

- evolution of surface ripples on Si and C

- surface ripples on ferromagnetic (Fe, Ni) metal films



Ion beam deposition of thin films

- boron nitride (c-BN, h-BN, t-BN)

- tetrahedral amorphous carbon (ta-C)

- carbon nitride, boron carbide, fluorinated a-C

- metal carbon composite thin films

- mass selected ion beam depsoition

- analysis of ion solid interaction using isotopically pure markers


Ion beam synthesis and analysis


Characterization of thin films


Semiconductor spectroscopy


Nuclear solid state physics

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